A number of options are available for those who wish to combine their ticket to the event with first-class dining.

The Guard Chamber

If you buy a Guard Chamber Ticket you are purchasing a top price seat located alongside the Royal Enclosure together with a badge allowing you access to The Guard Chamber.  This hospitality enclosure offers a restaurant, a bar serving light refreshments and a lounge area.  If you would like to book a two course meal in the restaurant please telephone 01895 554 429 (open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm)  or email hmq90@payneandgunter.co.uk.  Please do not book into this restaurant unless you have already secured your Guard Chamber tickets. Prepayment for your restaurant reservation is required at time of bookings and our refund policy is 100% up to one month in advance of the event.

The Waterloo Chamber

There is also an option to purchase a table of ten in The Waterloo Chamber which combines a fine dining experience together with tickets in The Royal Enclosure.  This package includes a table and seats for ten people for all four nights of the performance. If you would like further information about this option please email judithn@hmq90.redgiant.london

The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration Hospitality Brochure

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